High Frequency Internal Vibrators With Portable Electric Convertor

  • Electric board which can be replaced independently of the box and other componencts of the convertoer
  • Waterproof isolater switch which prevents possible external fluids leaking inside.
  • Anti abrasion switch cover which prevents wear and tear.
  • Protection at convertor inlet against abrupt fluctuations in voltage.
  • Protection at convertor outlet limiting consumption per phase.
  • Ergonimingc box making transport and handling easier.
  • 15 m of cable give the equipment a high level of autonomy.

Model Convertor Weight Kg Total weight Kg Input voltage/Frequency Poker Diameter mm
FSP 230-38V 3,4 14,6 230V1~50/60Hz 38
FSP 230-50V 3,4 18,6 230V1~50/60Hz 50
FSP 230-60V 3,4 20,6 230V1~50/60Hz 58
FSP 230-70V 3,4 22 230V1~50/60Hz 65
  • The poker has been trated to increase its strength and make it more resistant to wear and tear.
  • High frequency pokers with over dimentioned internal motor.
  • Hose with special anti-abrasion protection and integrated metallic mesh reinforcement.
  • 5 m hose of 40 mm diameter and 7mm casing, with other lengths optional.


  • PERFORMANCE greater power of the internal motor, more concrete vibrate.
  • SAFETY total protection against all eventualities.
  • ECONOMY optimal relation of investment - ergonomics - performance
  • MOBILITY weight - volume ration suitable for individual handling Weight: 3,4 Kg