Electronic High Frequency converter high frequency motor-in-head immersion Poker vibrators

Fastech Quality

  • Saf voltage for the operator 42 to 48 volts
  • Goloronic insulation by means of transformer
  • The electric control of th frequency guarantee maximum per formance for the vibrators

Model FFC-1 FFC-2 FFC-3 FFC-4 FFC-8
Input Voltage (V) 415V, 3 Phase
Input Supply Frequency (H2) 50HZ
Output Voltage (V) 48+/-10V, 3 Phase
Output Supply Frequency (HZ) 12000VPM
Output Supply Frequency (HZ) 1 2 3 4 5


  • Resistance protection steel Fream
  • Light weight, suitable for long hieght and transformation
  • Protective frame (for more than one outlet)
  • 2.5 meters long supply cable
  • CEE panel receptacles
  • Frequency converter in mounted on trolley