6000 VPM High Frequency External Vibrators

Model FS200-100 FS200-150 FS200-200
Power 1.00 kW 1.50 kW 2.00 kW
Voltage 48-55V, 3 phase AC
Frequency 200Hz
Vibrations 6000 VPM

Fastech vibrators are of 48+/-10V, 3 phase, A.C. supplied through faster high frequency convertors for the required frequency of 150 or 200 Cycles

Totally enclosed steel body to withstand tropical conditions for better vibration to mould contents. Heavy duty bearings to withstand high centrifugal force. Special Lubrication system without opening the vibrators.

The centrifugal force can be easily adjusted to the moulds requirement, resulting in multi uses of the same vibrator.

Frequency Convertors For 6000 VPM High Frequency External Vibrators Operated Through Frequency Converters.

Model FFC-4 FFC-8
Input Voltage (V) 415V, 3 Phase
Input Supply Frequency (H2) 50HZ
Output Voltage (V) 48+/-10V, 3 Phase
Output Supply Frequency (HZ) 200HZ
Output Supply Frequency (HZ) 4 8